Ultrasound Machine Features and Record Keeping丨usg machine

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If you’re using a USG machine in your office, you must keep proper records. , you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll talk about the different features of an ultrasound machine, including the probe and transducer pulse controls. This article will also cover Image quality and Record keeping. USG is used to find the best treatment for many medical conditions. But there are certain things to look for when purchasing a machine. Listed below are some tips to keep in mind when choosing an ultrasound machine.

Transducer probe丨usg machine

Ultrasound machines are equipped with transducer probes that produce images of internal organs. Transducers come in different shapes, sizes, and frequencies. The field of view and the resolution of images will vary depending on the type of transducer probe you use. There are also multi-element probes that contain more than one crystal element. Each one has its own circuit, making them advantageous in certain applications. One such example is cardiac ultrasound, where multiple-element probes are particularly useful.
Ultrasound machines are composed of a video monitor and computer console, and they come with an attached transducer, which is like a miniature microphone. The purpose of this device is to transmit high-frequency sound waves to the body and listen for the echoes. These waves bounce back and forth, creating images that can be read in the computer. Often, two or more ultrasound machines are used to examine the same body part.
The frequency of ultrasound probes varies depending on their use. Some probes are designed to fit into various openings in the body, while others are intended to penetrate deeper into the organ. The frequency of the transducer also affects the clarity of the image. Usually, higher frequencies offer clearer images and better images near the surface of the organ. If you notice a black line on the ultrasound screen, this is a dead crystal inside the transducer.
Unlike X-rays, ultrasound images are not permanent. The pictures are created by scanning the body in a specific area. This allows the doctor to determine how the blood flows through different parts of the body and how it moves. These images can be used to monitor internal organs, observe fetal development, and determine the interface between solid and fluid. The depth to which the sound waves can penetrate depends on the frequency and duration of the ultrasound pulses.
Ultrasound Machine Features and Record Keeping丨usg machine

Transducer pulse controls丨usg machine

Transducer pulse controls (TGC) are a vital part of ultrasound imaging. The machine’s transducer is the main source of ultrasound energy, and the controls allow a physician to adjust the intensity and duration of the imaging process. A common design for TGC controls is a series of slider knobs, each containing a control for the amount of gain at a certain depth. Figures 19A, 19B, and 19C show how TGC controls are laid out.
The main purpose of the TDC controls is to adjust the image field’s resolution. Higher depth requires a larger transducer distance and lower frequency. As a result, the image resolution decreases. Therefore, the depth should be adjusted to the lowest value necessary to visualize the structures of interest. Likewise, the patient button is used to enter patient data and start the exam. Moreover, there is an option for a linear transducer.
Another important feature of a TDC is a freezing control. It suspends further processing of the transducer data during dynamic real-time ultrasound. Freezing mode stops further transducer data processing, displaying a single static image. Cineloop is another option for TDC control. It allows a review of stored images before generating a new ultrasound image. And finally, it allows a clinician to view images that were previously stored and are no longer relevant.
When choosing a transducer for an ultrasound, the sonographer must know the size of the patient’s body and the location of the structures that should be imaged. In addition, the transducer must be switched to the correct transducer. Many learners scan with the wrong transducer, and even knowing how to operate the knobs will be worthless if the transducer is wrong. Each ultrasound machine has a facility to change transducers.
Ultrasound Machine Features and Record Keeping丨usg machine

Image quality丨usg machine

The image quality of an ultrasound machine can be improved by a number of different factors. Increasing the power output may be useful in some situations, while decreasing the overall gain can have a negative impact on anatomic image quality. Changing the patient’s position may also improve the image quality. The high output power may cause a biologic effect in some cases. In addition, other essential knobs, such as overall gain, time gain compensation, focal zone, dynamic range, and tissue harmonic imaging, can improve image optimization. In addition, the regulator of abdominal vessels can help enhance the sensitivity of the color Doppler.
Ultrasound Machine Features and Record Keeping丨usg machine

Record keeping丨usg machine

If you’re using a USG machine in your office, you must keep proper records. First, you must identify the USG machine and the doctor using it. These doctors’ names should be listed on the PC-PNDT certificate. Second, you must list the make and model of each ultrasound machine. The third step is to keep a list of all the ultrasound machines used by the center. These machines must be clearly labeled and listed on a separate sheet.
To keep track of the USG machine’s usage, you must have a system to track its performance. Then, you must ensure that your records are kept according to the law. You must submit copies of the documents to the appropriate authority. For example, if you’re working as a locum doctor, you must send a letter to the clinic’s owner stating that you’ll be using the USG machine to perform pregnancy tests.
Ultrasound Machine Features and Record Keeping丨usg machine

Registration丨usg machine

A USG machine must be registered with the PC-PNDT. The registration certificate should show the manufacturer, make, and model of the USG machine. The PC-PNDT should also note the names of doctors who are using the machine. In addition, the machine should have a certificate from PCPNDT stating that it is registered. This certificate is important in ensuring that a USG machine is not moved to a different location.
The form ‘F’ is required to be filled in duplicate. One copy is to be provided to the AA, and the other copy should be kept in the clinic. When filling up the form, make sure to include the name of the referring physician, the indications of the USG examination, and the results of the procedure. This form can be filled online or by a physician at the clinic. The patient must also sign the form.
The application form for a USG machine must be submitted in duplicate and notarized. This form contains an undertaking that a USG machine will not be used for sex selection and detection, which are against the PCPNDT Act. Also, any advertisement for ultrasound machines is prohibited, and it is punishable by a fine of up to Rs.1 lakh or five years in jail. Furthermore, the sex of the fetus should not be disclosed to the patient, a relative, or a doctor referring the woman to you.

Despite the difficulties associated with obtaining registration, ultrasound machine manufacturers must still follow the rules to avoid legal complications. The state government of Madhya Pradesh has taken this step to reduce malpractices and create a foolproof database of ultrasound use. This initiative, launched by the health department, has been widely welcomed by sonography centres and manufacturers. In addition, 19 manufacturers have already registered their machines. These registrations will help in preventing illegal sales and usage of ultrasound machines.

Ultrasound Machine Features and Record Keeping丨usg machine

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