Where Can I Buy a Compatible Toshiba Famio 8 Ultrasound Probe?

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If you have a Toshiba Famio 8 ultrasound machine, you may be wondering: Where can I find a compatible transducer? Thankfully, there are plenty of options to choose from. Below, we will review the PLT-604AT linear array ultrasound probe and PLT-641V endovaginal ultrasound transducer. Both of these probes are compatible with the Famio 8 ultrasound machine.

PLT-604AT linear array ultrasound transducer probe

During a diagnostic ultrasound examination, a transducer sends sound waves into the patient’s body and records them. This echoes are then sent to a computer, which translates the images into sonograms. An ultrasound transducer is composed of several essential components. One of these components is a piezoelectric crystal, which is used to generate and receive ultrasound waves. Until recently, medical imaging equipment used the same piezoelectric material, but a new type of material improved image quality.
One type of transducer is the linear array. This type of transducer is useful in obtaining cross-sectional 2D images. However, a convex array is used for obtaining wide or deep ultrasound images. The piezoelectric elements in a convex array are arranged in a fan-like fashion in the azimuthal direction, making it difficult to acquire a target image.
For small parts applications, the PLQ-1203A linear array ultrasound transducer probe can be used. This probe has an eight to fourteen MHz frequency range and is compatible with Toshiba Famio ultrasound systems. Toshiba recommends this probe for small-parts ultrasound applications. Toshiba also offers a variety of other ultrasound probes, including high-frequency transducers and transducer accessories.
The frequency and wavelength of the ultrasound waves determine axial resolution and lateral resolution. The lower the frequency, the better the target image is discernible. The beam profile and sensitivity of a transducer are also important for lateral resolution and contrast ratio in ultrasound images. Higher sensitivity is a good indication of high lateral resolution and a bright target image. For those who are concerned about quality, this is a great option.
Besides the ultrasound transducer, there are other accessories and parts that can be purchased separately. You can find accessories to match your ultrasound machine and use them for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. A quality ultrasound machine will increase your overall image quality and accuracy. When choosing the right ultrasound probe for your specific application, choose a transducer that fits your needs. There are many compatible transducers available for TOSHIBA Famio 8 ultrasound machines.
You can easily find a suitable replacement for your current ultrasound transducer. The website carries various types and brands of these devices. All the product names and company names mentioned are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. By using them, they do not imply endorsement or affiliation with the trademark holders. Once you’ve chosen your compatible TOSHIBA Famio 8 linear array ultrasound transducer probe, you can begin your diagnostic work.Toshiba Famio 8 Ultrasound Probe

PLT-641V endovaginal ultrasound transducer probe

If you’re considering purchasing a compatible TOSHIBA Famio 8 PLD-641V endovaginal ultrasound transducer probe, be sure to read the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Cleaning your probe after use can help ensure the transducer stays in good condition. To do this, use a cleaning solution or wipes that meet the manufacturer’s requirements and conditions.
The transducer may be used as a portable device, but be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions before using it. Transducers are not recommended for submersion because the connector and non-waterproof sections may cause electric shock. In addition, the transducer may contain chemicals known to cause birth defects, cancer, or reproductive harm. To prevent any risk of damage, wash your hands thoroughly after handling the device and inspect the transducer periodically.Toshiba Famio 8 Ultrasound Probe

PLT-1203A linear array ultrasound transducer probe

Compared to 2D and 3D arrays, linear arrays are more accurate and durable. These transducers have a large footprint and a central frequency ranging from 7.5 to 11 MHz. Moreover, they can change their beam profile and are suitable for acquiring images with a wide depth. However, their image resolution diminishes as they get deeper.
The frequency of the ultrasound wave determines the axial resolution. Lower frequencies produce a narrower beam and better target distinction. The beam profile affects lateral resolution. The higher the sensitivity, the brighter the image of the target. The high-sensitivity version of linear array ultrasound transducer probes has a wider range of frequencies than the lower-frequency models, thus producing better images.
Depending on the frequency, these transducers are designed for different types of imaging. Some are designed to rub over the body, while others fit through an opening. As technology advances, the probes have different shapes and sizes and serve different functions. These transducers can be categorized according to their Piezoelectric crystal arrangement, aperture and operating frequency. For example, a transesophageal ultrasound probe is meant for internal examinations, while an abdominal ultrasound probe is designed to be inserted into the vagina. The latter is a good option for obtaining a better picture of organs beneath the surface.
If you’re looking for a quality, affordable ultrasound transducer probe, Toshiba has a few options to choose from. Toshiba PLQ-1203A ultrasound transducer probe features 8 to 14MHz and is designed for use in small parts applications. The device is easy to steer and is ergonomically designed for the user. It’s also a compatible option for any Toshiba Famio ultrasound system.
The Transducers are designed to deliver high-quality images and enhance other performance parameters. For instance, to acquire an ultrasound image, the transducer must be equipped with an array of thousands of piezoelectric elements. The piezoelectric elements are electronically controlled to ensure minimal crosstalk. The transducer also includes an ASIC chip that preprocesses image data.
A typical 1D array ultrasound transducer consists of an active layer, acoustic matching layers, and a ground sheet. The active layer is made of a piezoelectric material that generates ultrasound waves in response to an electric driving signal. The piezoelectric effect converts ultrasound waves into an electric signal. Hence, thermally dispersive structures are widely used in ultrasound transducers.

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