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If you are looking for an esaote au5 replacement, then you have come to the right place. If you’re unsure what these probes are, read on to learn about the features, functions, and connectors for these devices. You’ll also learn about CnTI(tm) modules and compatible probes. You can find both of these in one convenient place.Esaote Au5 Probes

esaote au5 probe functions

There are many benefits of choosing a specialized ultrasound system over a general-purpose model. This ultrasound system features a high-resolution imaging gallery with added diagnostic value. In addition to offering superior image quality, this model is equipped with an ergonomic keyboard and an extended control panel function. These features make it a valuable addition to any diagnostic imaging room. Also, the company offers worldwide training centers and educational white papers that provide in-depth information on different imaging procedures.
The Esaote range includes dedicated probes for a variety of applications. Its esophageal and cardiac probes are used in a variety of clinical examinations. In the USA, contrast agents are strictly limited to the left ventricular endocardial border, so it is recommended to use a specialized probe for these procedures. Esaote’s range is highly configurable and system-specific, so the exact functions vary by model. Contact the manufacturer for more information.Esaote Au5 Probes

esaote au5 probe connectors

If you are looking for high-quality, reliable ultrasound probe connectors, you have come to the right place. Esaote North America is an Italian medical device company with a dedicated veterinary portfolio. Drawing upon 40 years of experience in veterinary ultrasound, the company delivers fully-featured veterinary ultrasound solutions without sacrificing image quality. For a complete list of Esaote probe connectors, visit their website.

CnTI(tm) module

The Esaote virtual navigation software enables real-time fusion of imaging data from multiple second modalities. It brings to the forefront the real-time capabilities of ultrasound, while leveraging the advantages of different imaging modalities. The CnTI(tm) module for compatible esaote au5 probe is a low-cost, radiation-free solution designed for routine clinical use, interventional procedures, and research.
The Esaote CnTI(tm) module for the compatible esaote au5, an MRI system for vascular imaging, is designed to optimize sensitivity by automatically capturing the breaking frame and decorrelating the signal. This feature maximizes contrast information through specific decorrelation software. It uses a low and high mechanical index to detect weak information that is present at low concentrations of contrast agent. It is designed to destroy micro-bubbles and register the signal.
The Esaote iQprobes are a new generation of ultrasound systems that feature innovative materials and methods to improve image depth. The T-shape intra-operative probe is ergonomically designed to decrease physical stress and enhance comfort for the surgeon. The iQ probe is also compatible with other ultrasound systems, and Esaote has a variety of products to meet the needs of ultrasound users.

CnTI(tm)-compatible probes

Esaote au5 ultrasound probes feature advanced technologies including Virtual Navigator technology, which enables real-time fusion imaging. Its high-resolution imaging capabilities provide improved anatomical definition, allowing users to combine CT and MR images for the best diagnostic results. Its low-cost design and easy-to-use interface make it ideal for use in routine clinical practice, research, and teaching. Dedicated environments are also available for CnTI(tm) data fusion with CT, MRI, and 3D ultrasound volumes. This functionality allows users to obtain different types of real-time fusion imaging, each with different benefits.
As a CnTI(tm)-compatible probe, the Esaote au5 features an enhanced DCTI function to maximize contrast information and eliminate artifacts. Esaote au5 is CnTI(tm) compatible and offers CnTI(tm) imaging, based on low mechanical index. The CnTI(tm) technology also allows data to be fused with other imaging modalities, enhancing diagnostic accuracy. It also features BodyMap technology, which allows the user to visualize the probe on another modality image.
During surgery, ultrasound imaging is crucial for determining the type of resection required. It also guides the surgeon’s hands during liver parenchyma dissection. This data is essential to the effectiveness of surgical treatments. With a complete line of ultrasound systems, including iQ probes, T-shape intraoperative probes, and eTouch(tm) interface, Esaote offers a variety of options to fit any medical need.
Transducer technology is vital for high signal-to-noise ratios. With the Esaote concept, dedicated-to-specialty transducers are delivered to improve diagnostic services and patient care. By integrating imaging data from different devices, Esaote has enabled seamless integration of diagnostic results. A wide range of CnTI(tm)-compatible ultrasound probes allows a healthcare organization to improve patient care.

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