Where Can I Buy Compatible GE Logiq7 Probe?

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If you have a GE Logiq7 scanner, you might be wondering where you can buy a compatible probe. If so, you have come to the right place! This article will teach you how to find the best compatible GE Logiq7 probe to use with your scanner. We also cover the differences between these types of scanners, including their features and price. You’ll also learn about their warranty policies.GE Logiq7 Probe

GE 7S-RS sector probe

The GE 7S-RS sector probe is compatible with a wide range of GE ultrasound systems. These ultrasound devices include the Vivid q, s5, and s6. The 7S-RS transducer has a frequency range of 3.5-8.0 MHz and is suitable for pediatric cardiac and neonatal head applications. It comes with a 90-day manufacturer warranty. It has two channels, a 3.5-MHz bandwidth, and a CW & PW doppler.
The GE 7S-RS is compatible with the GE Vivid i, q, s5, and s6. It has a high-resolution transducer and a small, compact design, which makes it an ideal option for smaller clinics. Its unique design allows for accurate imaging and helps clinicians identify problems sooner. Its patented technology allows it to quickly identify potential problems and repair them.

GE i12L-RS linear transducer

GE i12L-RS is a linear array transducer compatible with the Logiq7 ultrasound machine. It comes with a lightweight cable, which is ideal for placement. Designed for use with GE ultrasound machines, this transducer is compatible with all GE Vivid S5 and LOGIQ E models. For more information, visit GE’s website.
The i12L-RS is a linear array transducer designed for use with GE ultrasound systems. Its frequency range is five to thirteen MHz, and it supports peripheral, small-parts, and vascular applications. Its low price and ComfortScan design make it an excellent choice for use in point-of-care ultrasound procedures. Its features include the RS connector, a miniaturized design, and ergonomics.

GE 7S-RS ultraband sector probe

The GE 7S-RS ultraband sector transducer is a multi-purpose ultrasound probe compatible with many GE ultrasound systems. It is designed to provide high-resolution images and deep penetration without sacrificing diagnostic performance. Designed with ergonomics in mind, the 6S-RS Probe eliminates the need to switch probes mid-exam and delivers outstanding resolution. The probe comes with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty.
The GE 7S-RS ultraband sector transducer is compatible with several GE Vivid systems. The GE 7S-RS is fully compatible with the GE Vivid q, S5, and S6 models. If you’re considering a GE 7S-RS, you’ll find many advantages. Among these features are:


Designed to provide superior image quality in musculoskeletal, cardiac, and abdominal imaging, the NextGen LOGIQ e is an advanced imaging system. It includes musculoskeletal-specific transducers and software. The system has a Patient Follow-Up Tool with Fusion that ensures technical consistency. A variety of imaging modes help physicians optimize the image quality. The LOGIQ e comes with a battery-operated system.
LOGIQ e ultrasound imaging delivers precision and accuracy. The 1-5 MHz curved transducer is able to image virtually any body part, while other transducers go up to 22 MHz. High-Res PDI helps visualize flow in neovascularization. Two types of ultrasound are used for imaging: tissue and metal. The curved transducer allows the physician to control the needle’s appearance separately from the ultrasound image.
The GE LOGIQ E ultrasound system is one of the most widely used portable ultrasound systems in medical facilities around the world. It offers high-end imaging capabilities while balancing price, shared service, and customization. It is also suitable for orthopedic, vascular, and needle-guided injections. A variety of GE LOGIQ E compatible probe models are available for a range of diagnostic needs. One of the best features of this ultrasound is its compact size.


The GE LOGIQ E9 is compatible with many probes and transducers. The device has a variety of applications, including OB-GYN, abdominal, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, small parts, and transcranial doppler. The BT13 model supports 23 different types of transducers, including a rare 4d microconvex probe. Those who perform diagnostic ultrasound frequently should consider this device.
This ultrasound machine has several features that improve image quality. Its high-performance probes have multiple applications and advanced imaging features such as Speckle Reduction, which reduces speckle noise, and B Steer+, which improves image guidance. GE also offers Volume Navigation, which lets you compare real-time ultrasound to previously acquired images. This ultrasound scanner is an excellent choice for shared-service use. Its advanced software makes it easy to use and offers advanced imaging features.
The GE Logiq E9 is compatible with the newest versions of the Philips XT, including the Vivid series, which are capable of cardiac imaging. The company may have reacted to the growing popularity of Philips ultrasound systems, which are renowned for their cardio-vascular applications. The GE Vivid series is a good alternative to the Philips ultrasound system. Apart from cardiovascular imaging, the probes can also project images for abdominal, musculoskeletal, and small parts applications.
The GE Logiq E9 is a successor to the older Logiq 9. The “E” in the name stands for “expert series” and refers to the premium-level products offered by GE. The Logiq E9 is the best option for Radiology applications, but it is not the only choice if you practice in women’s health. You should compare the features of the two models before making a decision.

GE LOGIQ E9 transducer

The GE Logiq E9 ultrasound probe is the successor to the previous Logiq 9. The “E” in the name refers to GE’s expert series. The next highest system is the Logiq S8, while the lower-end Voluson E8 is similar to the Logiq E9. While the Logiq E9 is aimed at Radiology, the V-series is better suited for women’s health specialists.
The LOGIQ E9 ultrasound probe provides a wide range of imaging applications, including general imaging. The LOGIQ E9 delivers exceptional image quality while offering ease of use, speed and reliability. Its innovative features allow users to visualize blood flow without the limitations of Doppler and integrate it with previously acquired images. This ultrasound probe also lets you track position with real-time imaging. GE has a wide variety of compatible probes available.
If your GE LOGIQ E9 ultrasound machine is not compatible with your current transducer, you can opt to buy a new one. This is not only easy and convenient, but it’s also highly affordable. You can purchase a probe separately, or you can buy an ultrasound machine with a probe already installed. You can buy the probe from a diagnostic equipment retailer like A.M.E. Ultrasounds or from your local medical equipment store. However, keep in mind that not every probe works with every machine.

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