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If you’re looking for a compatible probe for your Landwind Mirror 2 system, then you’ve come to the right place. This product is designed to meet your current clinical needs and expand as your patient requirements and applications grow. Learn more about the features of the Landwind Mirror 2 and its compatible probes. This article also explores the stability and advanced 4D capabilities of the device. This article also discusses the importance of compatibility when buying a compatible probe for your Landwind Mirror 2.Landwind Mirror 2 probe

Compatible Probes

Compatible Probes for Landwind Mirror 2 are available from Landwind Medical. This ultrasound machine can be used with both convex and linear transducers. The Landwind Mirror 2 features advanced 4D imaging capabilities, including Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging and LanSkin. You can easily replace the probes that are not working properly with other Landwind products. Listed below are some of the most popular compatible probes for Landwind Mirror 2.
Its features include a high-quality, ten-inch display, a powerful storage capacity of 1024 cine loop frames, and a large software package. The screen features a 12.1-inch colour LCD, an adjustable scanning angle, and two probe connectors. The THI unit also features a 15″ TFT LCD display and a CRT display. The TFT LCD screen is user-friendly and compatible with Windows XP.Landwind Mirror 2 probe

PIHI modality

The Mirror 2 ultrasound system offers reliable and stable ultrasound technology, making quality imaging affordable for any practice. The system features solid image quality, multiple measurement packages, advanced 4D capability, and cardiac measurement tools. The Mirror 2 is also compatible with the PIHI modality, which distorts the fundamental pulse signal to create a broadband harmonic signal for improved image uniformity and resolution. PIHI is a valuable imaging modality that can improve the quality of an ultrasound image.

Advanced 4D capabilities

Using the Advanced 4D capabilities of the Landwind Mirror 2 ultrasound probe, physicians can obtain clearer images of babies’ faces and body structures. This probe includes an 80/128 element multi-frequency probe, an 8 segment TGC, and an embedded PC. The dual-live display combines a grayscale reference image and a color Doppler image. The Landwind Mirror 2 has been developed to improve image quality and stability, and is compatible with many probes.
The Mirror 2 ultrasound probe features an all-digital architecture for outstanding performance and a smooth workflow. It combines advanced image processing technology with ergonomic design to alleviate doctor fatigue. Its advanced imaging processing technology creates excellent images and saves valuable time for physicians. It’s compatible with a wide range of imaging software, making it a versatile choice for doctors and other healthcare professionals. This advanced imaging technology allows doctors to capture images in a matter of seconds, without having to look at complicated screens.


With the new stability and reliability of the Landwind Mirror 2, quality ultrasound technology is now affordable and accessible for clinicians of all levels. Its solid image quality, advanced 4D capabilities, and multiple measurement packages put high-quality ultrasound technology within your reach. It features advanced technology such as PIHI (Pure Intensity Harmonic Imaging), which distorts the fundamental pulse signal and extracts the pure broadband harmonic signal to enhance image overall uniformity. It offers high resolution and superior accuracy.


The Landwind Mirror 2 ultrasound probe provides a stable, reliable image. With the Landwind Mirror 2 system, quality ultrasound technology is within private practice’s reach. This probe also features Pulse Inverse Harmonic Imaging (PIHI), which distorts the fundamental pulse signal and extracts a pure broadband harmonic signal, which improves the uniformity of the image and penetration. The Mirror 2 is also equipped with Digital Fine Focusing (DFF), a smaller version of the traditional dynamic focusing.
The Landwind Mirror 2 is a colour Doppler ultrasound probe that is built on all-digital architecture for a smooth workflow and outstanding performance. This device also integrates the latest image processing technology and provides a number of clinical applications. Its reliability is exceptional, resulting in less doctor fatigue, allowing them to concentrate on patient care and imaging. In addition to the Mirror 2, the Landwind MIRROR 2 is also priced well within the medium-priced range. Landwind Medical has become an industry leader in ultrasound equipment, and they’re poised to continue expanding their role as a medical device provider.

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