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In case you’re wondering where to find a replacement probe for your Affinity MRI scanner, this article will give you the answers to your questions. In particular, we’ll talk about the xMatrix transducer technology, portable design, Active native data, and QLAB 3DQ GI. After that, let’s get into the pros and cons of each probe.Philips Affinity 70 Probe

xMatrix transducer technology

With the xMatrix transducer in the compatible Philips Affinity 70 ultrasound probe, radiologist can use this probe with four PureWave advanced single crystal transducers. Using this technology, images can be clearer and issues can be resolved more efficiently. Furthermore, it can help speed up exam process. You can also use it with the EPIQ line of ultrasound devices or the CX50 ultrasound.
The Philips Affinity 70 ultrasound probe offers outstanding performance and workflow. The iSCAN intelligent optimization (ISO) features allow you to easily adjust Doppler baseline, compression curve and TGC. SmartExam protocols help customize the exam according to the physician’s preference. The xMatrix ultrasound probe also offers contrast-enhanced imaging (CEUS), a feature that uses microbubble-based contrast agents to enhance visualization of large vessels and assess tissue vascularity. In addition to the xMatrix transducer technology, Philips Affinity 70 ultrasound probe also comes with QLAB quantification software. QLAB can be used on the computer and contains numerous plugins.
The Affinity 70 ultrasound probe features many of the features that make the Epiq series stand out. In addition to a powerful QLAB onboard quantification package, the Affiniti 70 ultrasound machine also offers ShareWave elastography for enhanced images. It excels in the cardiology, vascular and women’s health fields, and is an excellent ultrasound machine at a lower price point.

Active native data

The Philips Affiniti 70 is a CT scanner that uses the latest PureWave crystal technology to improve image quality at higher penetrations, which can be helpful for difficult-to-diagnose patients. Active Native Data enables you to adjust virtually all imaging parameters based on native data, which helps improve diagnostic details and reduce the time required for the study. This advanced technology also reduces exam time and the need to repeat studies.
The Philips Affinity 70 offers features like Fetal Heart Navigator which enables doctors to acquire a volumetric fetal heart scan in as little as two seconds. Additionally, this ultrasound scanner offers QLAB ROI, which increases the consistency and reliability of acoustic measurements. It also features Active Native Data, which enables quick image processing and data re-acquisition. It also offers color Doppler, physio, and PW & CW Doppler modes. All of these features and more can reduce exam time.

Portable design

The Philips Affinity 70 is a portable ultrasound probe that features intelligent optimization for optimal imaging. With this feature, physicians can quickly acquire an intima-media thickness scan for fetal patients. Its QLAB ROI enables the physician to increase the reliability and consistency of acoustic measurements. SmartExam protocols are available for easy customization. The Philips Affiniti 70 also features contrast-enhanced ultrasound, which utilizes a microbubble-based contrast agent to improve visualization of large vessels and assess tissue vascularity. The Philips Affiniti 70 comes with QLAB, an onboard quantification software that can be used with a computer. QLAB features a variety of plugins that make the software even more powerful.
The portable design of the Philips Affiniti 70 allows physicians to use the device easily on the go. The system’s ergonomics and mobile design make it ideal for busy offices. Its PureWave crystal technology improves the image quality and penetrates deeper, which makes it easier to diagnose patients with difficult-to-reach areas. The machine also features a SonoCT feature, which combines multiple coplanar tomographic images to provide a more detailed image. The system also supports real-time compound imaging, allowing physicians to analyze a patient’s anatomy and determine the cause of a problem.


The Philips Affiniti 70 features iSCAN intelligent optimization to automatically adjust the TGC, Doppler gain, compression curve, and baseline. This instrument also includes SmartExam protocols for customized exam configurations. The probe can also perform contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) with microbubble-based contrast agents, improving visualization of large vessels and tissue vascularity. The probe comes with QLAB 3DQ GI quantification software, which enables users to view and measure data in three dimensions.
The Philips Affiniti 70 combines outstanding performance with an effective workflow. Its PureWave crystal technology provides excellent image quality, even at higher penetration. The probe’s SonoCT imaging feature provides a better diagnostic image, even in difficult-to-diagnose patients. It also includes real-time compound imaging. The Affiniti 70 is compatible with QLAB 3DQ GI.
The Affiniti 70 offers many of the features of the Epiq series, including ShareWave elastography and a QLAB onboard quantification set. This imaging system excels in vascular, cardiology, and women’s health applications. It also provides exceptional image quality at a reasonable price. Although the Affiniti 70 is more expensive than its predecessor, the Affiniti 50 is a more affordable, but equally capable ultrasound imaging system.


The Philips Affiniti 70 ultrasound probe features iSCAN intelligent optimization that allows users to optimize TGC, Doppler gain, compression curve, and PRF. SmartExam protocols enable the user to customize examinations for specific patients. The probe also offers contrast-enhanced ultrasound for more precise visualization of large vessels and tissue vascularity. Its onboard quantification software, QLAB, enables users to quickly and accurately measure the thickness of the intima-media and assess tissue vascularity.
Besides being able to perform multiple procedures, the Philips Affiniti 70 offers many of the features found in the Epiq series. One of its best features is its ShareWave elastography and QLAB onboard quantification set. This ultrasound probe excels in cardiovascular, vascular, and pediatric imaging. Among other things, it offers excellent image quality for a low price. The Affiniti 50 is a lower-end version of the 70.
The Affiniti diagnostic ultrasound system is designed for clinical point-of-care use, including in-hospital imaging and fluid flow analysis. Its patented isolation transformers and isolated power outlets provide added safety and security. In addition, its peripherals comply with IEC 60601-1 safety standards. Moreover, the Philips Affinity 70 ultrasound probe is compatible with QLAB MVI.

Standard TEE tester kit

A standard TEE tester kit is a multipurpose device that includes a leakage and conductivity probe, a Cidex(r) compatible soaking tray, and an ultrasound adapter. A compatible philips Affinity 70 probe is also available. The TEEClean automated TEE probe cleaner disinfector offers safe and easy cleaning of TEE probes.
The Philips Affiniti 70 supports four advanced single crystal PureWave transducers. These include the C5-1 convex probe, the 2 – 9 MHz pediatric probe, the three-to-ten MHz C10-3v endovaginal probe, and the X7-2t adult probe. The X7-2t is also compatible with the Epiq line, which uses full xPlane and 4D functions.
The Philips Affiniti 70 has a host of advanced features and can be customized to meet the needs of your clinic. The Fetal Heart Navigator allows you to acquire a fetal heart volume scan in under two seconds, while the QLAB ROI increases the accuracy and consistency of your acoustic measurements. The Philips Affiniti 70 can also be used for contrast-enhanced ultrasound, wherein the microbubble-based contrast agent helps visualize large blood vessels, and assess tissue vascularity. This technology improves your clinical workflow, allowing you to spend more time with your patients, not just taking tests.

Compatible soak tray

The Philips Affinity 70 ultrasound machine is a high-end ultrasound machine that includes the latest PureWave crystal technology to enhance image quality at higher penetration levels. This feature assists physicians in diagnosing patients who may be hard to diagnose. The Philips Affinity 70 also has SonoCT, which combines multiple coplanar tomographic images for a comprehensive view of a patient’s body. It also features real-time compound imaging.
The Affiniti 70 also features Fetal Heart Navigator, which allows doctors to acquire a fetal heart volume scan within two seconds. The QLAB ROI improves consistency and accuracy in acoustic measurements. Philips Affiniti 70 offers contrast-enhanced ultrasound, which uses microbubble-based contrast agents for greater visualization and assessment of tissue vascularity. For onboard quantification, QLAB is compatible with various third-party software.

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