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If you’re looking to purchase a replacement probe for your Philips EPIQ ultrasound system, you’ve come to the right place. Listed below are some of the most important factors to consider when buying a replacement probe. XMatrix technology, iRotate technology, and a variety of probe sizes can make the difference between finding a good replacement probe and an inferior one.philips EPIQ 7w probe

X5-1 probe

When you need to perform ultrasound procedures, you can rely on a compatible X5-1 probe from Philips. This model is an xMATRIX array transducer with PureWave crystal technology. It is used for cardiac, abdominal vascular, and TCD applications. The refurbished model is available from Avante Health Solutions. The Philips EPIQ 7w X5-1 probe is compatible with a variety of transducers.
Another new feature is the iRotate innovation. This unique design rotates the transducer to obtain a view within the acoustical window. It offers several 2D images and a stress echo protocol. Additionally, the xMATRIX transducer offers compound imaging. The system is capable of running two transducers at once. The iRotate system is compatible with several Philips ultrasound machines, including the EPIQ 7w.

XMatrix transducer technology

The Philips Epiq 7 ultrasound machine is a shared service device that projects ultrasound images for a variety of applications, including musculoskeletal, cardiac, and OB-GYN. Its advanced transducer technology combines the best qualities of 4D and single-crystal transducers. It is also compatible with over 15 types of transducers. The Epiq 7w ultrasound probe is included with the machine, but if it is not compatible with your device, you can return it for a full refund.
The XMatrix transducer is a revolutionary transducer technology that enables a greater view, allowing clinicians to explore and resolve issues more comprehensively. It makes exams faster and easier, and it offers unparalleled image quality. Its advanced transducer technology enables physicians to better assess anatomy and function, identify abnormalities, and appreciate structural relationships in 3D space.
The XMatrix transducer is compatible with the EPIQ 7w ultrasound system. It has enhanced imaging capabilities thanks to its nSIGHT technology. It can collect high volumes of acoustic data, reconstruct it in real time, and produce optimally focused beams. It also features a user-friendly, ergonomically aligned control panel and monitor, facilitating easy viewing from any angle.

iRotate technology

The Philips Epiq 7 ultrasound offers uncompromised clinical performance through its nSIGHT technology, a proprietary anatomical intelligence system that increases spatial, temporal, and contrast resolution. The device’s ergonomically-aligned control panel and monitor provide optimal viewing from any angle. It also supports the use of premium xMATRIX transducers to enhance the quality of 2D and 3D imaging. The Epiq 7 also comes with PureWave transducers, ShearWave elastography, compound imaging, and speckle reduction imaging.
Compatible EPIQ 7w ultrasound probes are compatible with a wide range of equipment. These systems have an extensive range of applications including cardiovascular, abdominal, women’s health, musculoskeletal, and transcranial doppler imaging. Unlike conventional ultrasound probes, the Epiq 7w can project images of soft tissue and other tissues as well. In addition, the probe’s iRotate technology allows it to rotate to obtain a better view of the patient’s internal organs and tissues.
Another high-end ultrasound machine is the Philips Epiq 7. This high-end system features Purewave single crystal probes and superior ergonomics. It also includes a touchpad for patient comfort. Compared to the Epiq 7, the Epiq 5 is considered an entry-level system. The Epiq 7 is a refurbished ultrasound system. It is available from Philips’ Diamond Select refurbished ultrasound systems.


The Philips xMatrix transducer technology provides a clear image for complete resolution of issues. Its ergonomic design makes it easy for clinicians to steer the probe and provides an intuitive user experience. The xMatrix technology is also compatible with the IU22 and IE33 ultrasound systems. The XMatrix technology is also compatible with the Philips xMatrix transducer and system.
The Philips X5-1c is compatible with all Philips transducers, including the EPIQ 7. The X5-1c probe features an iRotate innovation that rotates the acoustical window, providing better access to imaging windows. Furthermore, the xMATRIX transducer facilitates easy access to imaging windows and enables the doctor to obtain multiple 2D images with high resolution.
The Philips Epiq 5 is virtually identical to the Philips EPIQ 7, but it has better hardware and software. This model is no longer available from Philips, but you can find refurbished Epiq 7 ultrasound systems through Diamond Select. The Philips Epiq 7 was replaced with the Epiq Elite, an entry-level model of Philips’ latest line of Epiq ultrasound systems. The X5 compatible philips EPIQ 7w probe is a great choice for physicians seeking to upgrade from their previous system.
The Philips X5 ultrasound machine is compatible with all Philips echocardiography systems. This portable machine is an upgrade from the CX30. The CX50 is also portable and can be brought to a patient’s surgical location, ICU, or satellite clinic. The xMatrix technology is supported by Philips’ xMatrix probes. The CX50 is also available for rent.

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