Where Can I Buy Compatible Philips HD15 Ultrasound Probes?

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If you’re looking for a quality replacement ultrasound probe for your Philips HD15, look no further than A.M.E. Ultrasounds. They have been refurbishing ultrasound equipment for more than two decades and offer a vast selection of quality, affordable probes. Philips HD15 ultrasound probes are made with three ports to rotate between uses. This design also prevents the need to detach probes. Before purchasing a new probe, however, take into account that A.M.E. will charge you a 20% restocking fee.Philips HD15 Ultrasound Probes

Ultrasound probes

If you’re thinking about buying a new ultrasound probe for your Philips HD15 system, you’ve come to the right place. This cart-based ultrasound scanner from Philips has excellent general imaging and cardiology capabilities, and a range of advanced diagnostic tools. To find the right probe for your system, it’s best to review the full specification and features. Keep in mind that probe compatibility may vary by system and option. As with any other ultrasound system, there are many options available for the HD15 and you’ll want to consider your needs before choosing a replacement probe.
The Philips HD15 is the top of the line ultrasound machine. It is designed specifically for shared-service ultrasound applications, and has PureWave single-crystal probes for superior imaging. Despite the fact that its production ended in 2015, it still has impressive diagnostic capabilities and is an ideal choice for shared-service practices. If you need a new ultrasound probe for your Philips HD15, be sure to read our comprehensive guide.
While this ultrasound system is the top-of-the-line model for its price range, it is also one of the most versatile. The HD15 offers advanced technologies such as 3D/4D imaging, Stress Echo, Advanced XRES adaptive image processing, and PureWave crystal technology. These technologies allow physicians to perform high-quality diagnostics while working with large patient loads. The HD15’s refurbished options are also available. You can purchase a used or refurbished HD15 ultrasound from a trusted source, including a Philips HD15 refurbished probe from MedCorp.
The Philips HD15 ultrasound machine offers a wide range of features and benefits, including the capability to perform Cardio-Vascular applications. It is also easy to use and enables clinicians to steer the probe easily. With this advanced medical device, it is possible to perform any imaging procedure efficiently. Moreover, the HD15 ultrasound probe is compatible with many Philips ultrasound systems, making it an ideal choice for all healthcare facilities.

PureWave crystal technology

The Philips PureWave crystal technology enables better penetration into difficult-to-image patients. The unique manufacturing method of the PureWave crystals prevents grain boundaries from forming, resulting in 85% greater efficiency and precision in the transfer of energy. PureWave crystals cover the entire frequency range of two transducers, which reduces stress and increases precision and sensitivity.
This ultrasound system combines superior imaging and performance with outstanding usability for the clinician. With its superb imaging quality, Philips HD15 ultrasound systems give you the performance and diagnostic confidence to perform even the most challenging exams. The HD15 features PureWave imaging, which delivers superior clinical performance for technically challenging patients. If you’re looking for the best ultrasound machine in your price range, then this is the one for you.
The Philips HD15 ultrasound system redefines efficiency, diagnostic confidence, and value. Its advanced technology streamlines workflow while giving clinicians the ability to diagnose a large patient load. Available refurbished and used from MedCorp, the HD15 provides powerful imaging capabilities such as 3D/4D imaging, Dual Imaging, Color Power Doppler, AutoOptimization, and Directional Tissue Imaging. Additionally, the PureWave crystal technology allows for better imaging clarity. The HD15’s intelligent image processing and iSCAN image optimization feature automates the adjustment of several parameters, giving clinicians greater confidence when diagnosing a patient’s condition.
The Philips Affiniti 70 is a feature-rich ultrasound system. It offers superior image quality at a very affordable price. If you’re unsure which ultrasound system to purchase, Probo Medical can help you choose the right one for your needs. And if you’re not yet familiar with the PureWave crystal technology, they can guide you towards the most compatible PureWave ultrasound probes.


The iOPTIMIZE compatible Philips HD15 ultrasound probe provides superior performance and imaging capabilities, combining must-have usability features with spectacular image quality. The system delivers exceptional clinical performance on everyday exams, as well as diagnostic confidence for the most difficult cases. Its PureWave Crystal technology delivers unprecedented acoustic efficiency and bandwidth. The iOPTIMIZE probe works seamlessly with your HD15 ultrasound system to give you the best imaging results possible.
The HD11, HD15, and HD11XE all work together to provide the best possible diagnostic experience. They are compatible with all Philips iOPTIMIZE devices. HD17, HD16, and HD11 XE are not compatible with this probe. The iOPTIMIZE probe is compatible with the HD11 and HD15, and the HD11 XE with the Philips EPIQ 5 and EPIQ 7.
The iOPTIMIZE-compatible HD15 ultrasound probe is also compatible with linear and curved array probes. They are compatible with vascular, small parts, and musculoskeletal imaging. The curved array and endocavitary probes are designed for vaginal and abdominal applications, respectively. This ultrasound machine is also able to perform 3D/4D imaging.
The iOPTIMIZE-compatible Philips HD15 ultrasound probe is a highly advanced diagnostic ultrasound machine that delivers high-quality images in 2D, 3D, and 4D. These devices are extremely portable and lightweight, and they can provide superior imaging results. To help you find the right one, you can narrow your search by transducer type, ultrasound system, or clinical segment.


Philips’ iFOCUS HD15 probe has an advanced XRES image processing system that automatically adapts to the patient’s size, flow state, and tissue properties. The probe also features a unique smart focus technology that automatically computes beam characteristics based on the selected region of interest. This technology improves tissue uniformity while decreasing the need for traditional focus controls. This probe has the ability to perform vascular imaging in a variety of settings, including those for ultrasound of the limbs and head.
The HD15 ultrasound machine was first released in 2010 and can perform vascular, general, small parts, and OB/GYN studies. The HD15 is compatible with a wide range of ultrasound probes, including iFOCUS Compatible philips HD15 probe. The HD15 has four working ultrasound probes. The ultrasound machine includes four nonworking softkey screens, but two of them do work.
The Philips HD15 ultrasound machine is one of the best high-end machines in its class. It is the only HD series ultrasound machine with advanced single crystal probes. While it is still popular, the HD15 does lack a touchscreen. The HD11xe was the top-selling machine in the midrange cardiovascular market. It has a large array of probes, including cardiac and 4D convex. Unlike the HD15, the HD11xe is a true shared service ultrasound machine that offers a vast array of diagnostic options.
The Philips HD15 probe includes a variety of intelligent tools. Its advanced image quality enhancing technology includes THI (tissue harmonic imaging), CrossXBeam (spatial compounding), SRI (speckle reduction imaging), Triplex Mode, and Doppler modes. With these features, the iFOCUS HD15 is more than just an imaging tool. If you’re in the market for a high-quality MRI machine, this may be the best choice for you.

Compatible philips HD15 probes

The Philips HD15 is a compact cart-based ultrasound scanner with an advanced range of diagnostic tools. This ultrasound scanner has outstanding performance in cardiology and general imaging and is ideally suited for modern veterinary practices. To find out more, please review the HD15 ultrasound scanner’s full specification. Please note that probe compatibility may vary between systems and options. You may be able to customize your system to meet your specific needs.
The HD15 ultrasound system delivers exceptional imaging and is equipped with powerful technology to streamline workflow. This model allows clinicians to diagnose a large patient load with ease. Refurbished Philips HD15 ultrasound systems from MedCorp feature 3D/4D imaging, Dual Imaging, Color Power Doppler, AutoOptimization, Directional Tissue Imaging, and PureWave crystal technology. These refurbished HD15 ultrasound machines come with the latest accessories, including a variety of compatible Philips HD15 probes.
The C5-2 curved ultrasound transducer from Philips is compatible with the HD15 ultrasound system. It can be used for fetal echo or general-purpose abdominal exams. It is equipped with several features, including SonoCT, harmonic imaging, and XRES. Its compact size allows for convenient portability. It also features a built-in LCD screen. Choosing compatible probes is easy. Choose compatible transducers to maximize the capabilities of your HD15 ultrasound system.
If you’re using the HD15 ultrasound machine, you should know that the HD15 ultrasound probes are designed to fit seamlessly with the transducer. These probes are lightweight and convenient and are a great option for cardiovascular and small parts imaging. Compatible probes are available in various configurations to suit different medical settings. For example, you can search for a probe based on the ultrasound system, clinical segment, transducer type, or imaging application.

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