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When looking for an ultrasound probe, you’ve probably come across a SIUI CTS-5500. Among the many options available, this machine features a Black-and-white portable ultrasound and a choice of linear rectal transducers. The linear rectal transducer features user selectable frequency ranges, from 3.5 MHz to 10 MHz. It also has cine review capabilities and can export images to a USB drive, CD, or DICOM network.

Phased array probe

The new UST-5024N-3.5 phased array probe offers greater flexibility in scanning smaller spaces and is compatible with SIUI CTS-5500. Its reduced footprint and low frequency allow it to scan a smaller area. Its design generates a narrow beam at the top and increases its width as it moves down the probe. In addition, it supports up to 32 channels for more thorough inspections.

Black-and-white portable ultrasound

The SIUI CTS-5500 black-and white portable ultrasound probe features the latest ultrasonic technology, five frequency wideband transducers, and digital imaging technology with beam forming, signal processing, and tissue characterization. It produces clear images that enable a physician to make an accurate diagnosis. The CTS-5500 is compatible with the SIUI CTS-8800 portable ultrasound system.
The CTS-5500+ is a versatile ultrasound trolley system with an exceptional imaging quality. This machine operates on a Windows-based operating system and only shows the Windows logo on start-up. It supports the DICOM 3.0 communications package and has a free upgrade path for Fisher Biomedical clients. It is compatible with a wide range of software packages. Its price is comparable to other similar units, and the CTS-7700 is a more affordable option than the CTS-3300.
This compact console ultrasound system offers comprehensive imaging and superior value in a portable ultrasound system. It is easy to operate and is available with PW Doppler and a 15-inch monitor. The MyLab platform has many features to help improve your workflow, including MyLab Desk information management, Xview, Harmonics, Multiview, and archiving options. A few of the more advanced models of the CTS-5500 feature high-sensitivity color and PW Doppler imaging.
The SIUI CTS-5500 black-and white portable ultrasound probe is an excellent choice for doctors on the go. It has a 15-inch display, 2 probe ports, and an RJ-45 network port. It includes a thermal printer for image management. The imaging system can export images and cineloops to a USB drive or DICOM network. It also features a USB port and a built-in handle.

Image management functions

The Siui CTS-5500 is a high-end digital ultrasound imaging system with five-frequency super-broadband transducers and advanced digital imaging technologies. The CTS-5500 also features high-capacity image storage, cineloop, dual-probe connectors, USB ports, non-interlaced display, and abundant software. Its patented iSCAN software is optimized for high-resolution images, with high-quality details.
The SIUI CTS-5500 features excellent image management functions. These functions enable you to take quick measurements and annotate images in a simple and efficient manner. The CTS-5500 Ultrasound Machine can also save images to an external drive or save cineloop to.jpg or avi format. Image management functions are particularly useful for clinical practice. If you’re looking for a new probe, you can also choose from a wide range of compatible SIUI ultrasound probes.
The Siemens iX10 CT scanner is portable, powerful, and exceptionally versatile. With an unprecedented 21.5″ color display, this scanner offers unparalleled image quality and a variety of clinical applications. The Siemens service staff and dedicated software ensure maximum uptime. The scanner is built for point-of-care imaging, and offers up to four probe ports. A touch screen user interface, multiple ports, and smart workflow help physicians save time and resources.

Image storage

The SIUI CTS-5500v is a high-quality portable ultrasound machine that includes a choice of linear rectal transducers for diagnostic and reproductive studies. Its broadband linear rectal transducers have user-selectable frequency ranges from 3.5MHz to 10MHz, and a cine review feature of up to 256 frames per image. Besides being able to export images to a USB drive, CD, or DICOM network, the SIUI CTS-5500v is also equipped with image storage capabilities.
The SIUI CTS-5500 features a 15-inch color display, 2 probe ports, Harmonics, Speckle Reduction, an RJ45 network port, and an HDMI video output. Compared to other ultrasound systems, it offers exceptional image quality and affordability. The CTS-5500 has an upgradeable UNIX software platform that allows for future upgrades. Furthermore, Fisher Biomedical offers free software upgrades for the SIUI CTS-5500 probe.
The high-end digital ultrasound imaging system features super-broadband five-frequency probes and advanced imaging technology. Its large capacity Image storage, dual-probe connectors, and 8-TGC and non-interlaced monitors offer high-resolution images and a superior patient experience. The SIUI CTS-5500 probe is compatible with SIUI CTS-5500 ultrasound trolley systems.
With the Acuson P300, clinicians can provide comprehensive patient care solutions with ease and mobility. Its powerful performance and portability make it ideal for a variety of clinical applications. This device has multiple probe ports, and a 30 second boot up time. Its advanced imaging technologies make it ideal for cardiovascular, pain management, and general imaging. You can also choose from a variety of different transducers to meet your needs.

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