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If you are looking for an ultrasound scanner that fulfills the simple needs of MSK and OB/GYN practitioners, the Clarius Sonoscape e2 probe may be the best choice. This portable ultrasound scanner offers iOS and Android compatibility and is priced at $2999. Its portability makes it a good option for traveling, overseas, or even in the patient’s home.

Clarius Sonoscape e2 probe is a multi-purpose instrument

The Clarius Sonoscape E2 is a portable ultrasound scanner that fulfills the needs of simple OB/GYN, MSK, vein care, and pain management applications. Its advanced wave tracking and imaging capabilities eliminate manual errors while delivering fast calculation results. The instrument offers many useful features including white-colored images, automatic image optimization, and high-definition quality imaging.
The Clarius Sonoscape e2 probe was released for general use in 2019. It is a multi-purpose instrument with advanced features. It features a phased array and a linear array for varying types of imaging. It also comes with an in-built battery to facilitate battery-free use. It also features no cord, which makes it more portable and ergonomic. For cleaning, the Clarius PA HD probe can be submerged in water.
The Lumify probe is compatible with certain Android devices. It also requires an internet connection once every 30 days, which may be a problem in remote locations. Despite the advantages of the Clarius Sonoscape e2 probe, it is not without its cons. It is also the most expensive handheld ultrasound on the market. The price is currently unlisted but estimated at approximately $10,000 per probe.

It is compatible with iOS

If you’re looking for an affordable handheld ultrasound machine that features advanced P/W Doppler, you should consider the SonoScape E2 Color Doppler. Its 64-phys.-channels, 6 imaging levels, and compatible with HD and new-generation probes give you a wide range of imaging options. Its ergonomic design and classic keyboard panel offer a comfortable workflow experience.
The e2 is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and is compatible with the Butterfly app. The smartphone app requires an internet connection, and the probe’s 90-day certificate must be renewed every 90 days. If you need to extend the certificate, you can contact Clarius support. The Clarius PA HD costs $6,500 per probe. The Philips Lumify ultrasound system delivers crisp echo views and great image quality. It is incredibly lightweight and ergonomic, and connects to the smartphone or tablet via a wired USB connection.

It is compatible with Android

The SonoScape E2 is an economy portable Color Doppler ultrasound machine, with a range of advanced imaging technologies. It features 64 phys. channels, six imaging levels, and a convertible monitor. The E2 is equipped with full functions and complete imaging functions, and comes with a number of useful features such as Auto Image Optimization (AIO), Standby Mode, and 2 standard probe ports. The E2’s user interface is easy to use, with a wide variety of applications.
The E2 is compatible with Android, and is one of the most valuable veterinary ultrasound machines available. It offers a broad selection of transducers for general imaging, including 3C-A. Other features of the Sonoscape E2 include good image penetration and resolution in the midfield and near field. The probe has a touchscreen interface, and easy image transfer via USB, LAN, and wireless network. The E2 comes with an optional Android-compatible display, so users can work while on the go.
The E2 can be used on Android smart devices, and includes a free app for Android. The app is designed to be compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, and optimizes images based on the exam type, without compromising image quality. The E2 has a built-in fetal weight calculator, and automatic image optimization. It also provides high-quality images for a wide range of applications.

It costs $2999

The compatible Sonoscape E2 probe can be used with this ultrasound machine. The system offers a wide array of imaging options, including 4D real-time obstetrical imaging and bi-plane rectal imaging. The machine also has transducers with up to 16 MHz and three active transducer ports. Its low price makes it a good choice for small offices, family practices, and hospitals that are looking to introduce ultrasound.
The Sonoscape E2 ultrasound machine is a mid-range portable ultrasound with excellent image quality. It has a mobile cart and is suitable for a private practice or a hospital. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver. The cradle included with the machine also holds the ultrasound transducers. The portable unit also comes with a transducer cradle, so it can be easily transferred from one location to another.
The compatible Sonoscape E2 ultrasound system is categorized as an economy portable Color Doppler ultrasound system. The system includes advanced imaging technologies, including 64 phys. channels, wide band dynamic range, and multi-beam parallel processing. The machine offers excellent imaging quality for both clinical screenings and full exam profiles. It also has Auto Image Optimization, Standby Mode, and 2 standard probe ports.

It is compatible with trophon devices

Developed by Nanosonics, the trophon2 disinfection system offers enhanced features to simplify the audit process. Featuring RFID technology embedded in the ultrasound probe tags, operator cards, disinfectant bottles, and chemical indicators, the trophon2 is fully digitally traceable and can document disinfection cycles. To prevent recontamination, trophon2 uses a special cover to protect the ultrasound probe from contamination.
The trophon device offers effective bacterial, fungicidal, and virucidal protection to ensure that the ultrasound procedure is performed in an environment free of contamination. The trophon technology eliminates an extensive range of clinically relevant pathogens, including bloodborne viruses and sexually transmitted pathogens. It helps clinicians meet accreditation requirements for clean room and disinfection standards by supporting best practice patient care.
The latest portable color doppler ultrasound system, the SonoScape E2, is a powerful mid-range device with a 64-phys. channel imaging capability. It’s compatible with HD and latest generation probes and includes a convertible monitor. Designed to be easy to operate, this system offers intuitive ergonomics and a comfortable workflow. And with its powerful capabilities, it’s easy to see why the SonoScape E2 is the best veterinary ultrasound machine in the market.
The Sonoscape E2 ultrasound scanner meets simple OB/GYN, MSK, and pain management needs, and is available for use in clinics, hospitals, and home clinics. The trophon device’s robust compatibility program ensures the device works flawlessly with the latest ultrasound probes and devices. Its robust and portable design enables medical staff to move the ultrasound scanner from patient to patient, or even abroad. It offers adequate sensitivity and good Doppler performance.

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