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The Toshiba Aplio 300 is a multi-purpose ultrasound imaging system that includes tissue enhancement and speckle reduction technologies. This device is also capable of 3D/4D imaging, high-density volume imaging, and a wide range of other advanced features. While some users have criticized the manufacturer for the difficult-to-use user interface in the past, the company responded with an improved ergonomic design and continued to offer excellent image quality.TOSHIBA Aplio 300 probe

PLT-604AT linear probe

The PLT-604AT linear probe can be used for various diagnostic and surgical procedures. The high-frequency technology allows for better resolution and less penetration. The PLT-604AT linear transducer can be used for vascular diagnosis, venipuncture, intraoperative procedures, and photoacoustic imaging. It can also be used in the peritoneal cavity.
The Aplio 300 is a powerful ultrasound system based on the Aplio Platinum series. The Aplio 300 is designed to meet the needs of both general purpose and specialty ultrasound practitioners. The Aplio 300 Platinum supports a wide range of clinical applications including cardiac (both pediatric and adult), peripheral vascular, transesophageal, musculo-skeletal, and obstetrics.

PVT-382BT Curved Array transducer

The compatible TOSHIBA Aplio 300 PVR-382BT Curved Array transducer is designed for abdominal applications with a frequency range of 1.8 MHz to 5.5 MHz. The machine is compatible with the Aplio 300, 500, MX and XG. Other models that use this transducer include the Viamo and Xario.

Convex probe

The Toshiba Aplio 300 ultrasound transducer is an excellent choice for abdominal and gynecological exams. It features a small footprint and the same performance as the convex probe. This device is especially useful for pediatric applications, since it does not require a large amount of space. Moreover, it offers superior imaging performance even at low-speed blood flow. Compatible with the Toshiba Aplio 300 ultrasound scanner, you can enjoy a 30-day warranty when purchasing this product.
The Aplio 300 provides crystal-clear imaging, ergonomics, workflow automation, and more. It is versatile and is compatible with most ultrasound modalities. It has four active probe ports and is compatible with Toshiba’s extensive line of specialty transducers. The i-series transducer has an ultra-wideband bandwidth that covers the same amount of bandwidth as two standard transducers.
This ultrasound machine comes with a wide range of transducers, including convex and pencil. The Toshiba Aplio 300 is compatible with 47 different transducers, including linear, sector, and convex. It also supports TEE, pencil, and TEE transducers. It is compatible with 47 different types of transducers, including the newest versions of the popular ultrasound probes.


The new Toshiba Aplio 300 ultrasound machine offers superior ergonomics, workflow automation, and crystal-clear imaging. This versatile ultrasound machine is also built with differential tissue harmonics (DTH), a technology that enhances imaging by ensuring uniformity in both near and far fields. Other features of this ultrasound machine include its customizable user interface and smaller footprint. Below is more information on the Aplio 300.

3-6 MHz

The Toshiba Aplio 300 Ultrasound Machine offers superior image quality, workflow automation, and enhanced ergonomics. The versatile design and a wide range of imaging technologies make this ultrasound machine an excellent choice for busy and demanding clinical environments. With features like Differential Tissue Harmonics (DTH), which helps produce uniform images in near and far fields, and the iStyle+ Productivity Suite, this machine offers a comfortable and customizable user interface.
The 3-6 MHz Compatible TOSHIBA APLIO 300 probe comes with two different frequencies, ranging from 3.6 to 6.3 MHz. The TC375TB replacement probe corresponds to the Canon-Toshiba PVT-375BT and the TC15D to the GE C1-5-D. It is manufactured by SonoSite, a leading manufacturer of ultrasound transducers. These transducers have passed strict drop-testing specifications to ensure their longevity. These high-quality transducers can be used for abdominal and compound imaging.

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