Where Can I Repair the Ultrasound Probe?

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In case your ultrasound probe develops symptoms, it’s best to get it checked out sooner rather than later. If you’re a small medical practice, you probably can’t do without your ultrasound machine. The good news is that ultrasound probe repair doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Moreover, if you don’t own an ultrasound machine, you can rent one for a low price. This allows you to schedule appointments without the hassle of purchasing a new one.

GE Healthcare

If your ultrasound probe is malfunctioning, GE Healthcare can repair it or replace it quickly and reliably. GE also offers repair service and repair parts, with next day loaner service available. With GE Healthcare, you can minimize downtime with its comprehensive repair and service coverage, and buy replacement probes with ease online. GE Healthcare also provides care and handling tips and OEM tips to keep your ultrasound probe in the best possible condition.
If you are a clinician who frequently performs ultrasound procedures, you can trust the high quality of GE’s repair and maintenance services. The company can repair your ultrasound probe and other diagnostic imaging equipment for a low cost. You can also opt to take advantage of GE’s high-quality training and service support. GE’s training is designed to help you get the most out of your investment. GE provides comprehensive training, which helps you get the most out of your ultrasound equipment.
GE Healthcare is a division of General Electric and recently acquired Unisyn Medical’s ultrasound repair business. Unisyn’s flagship product can repair ultrasound probes, while GE plans to incorporate it into its expanding imaging business. FirstCall, a new service from GE Healthcare, fills the demand for high quality ultrasound testing at affordable prices. And as a result, the company will offer quality ultrasound services across the United States.
In addition to repair and replacement of GE ultrasound probes, you should always follow the manufacturer’s care and maintenance guidelines. Use the correct cleaning and disinfectant gels for your ultrasound probe. GE provides a list of compatible cleaning and disinfectants for each probe. Check the list periodically to find out if they’re compatible or not. If you don’t see an appropriate cleaning and disinfectant solution for your GE probe, you can contact the manufacturer of these products.


If you’re looking for the best service and the fastest turnaround time, consider enlisting the help of an Avante ultrasound probe repair facility. Their industry-leading repair services cover all major brands of ultrasound equipment. They offer hotswap service for probe repair and have the resources to schedule on-site engineers to repair larger machines. All of their ultrasound probes are manufactured to OEM standards, so you can count on them to provide quality service and repair.
As the use of ultrasound technology increases, the number of potential failures in transducers and other components has increased as well. The longer a problem goes undiagnosed, the lower the chance for cost-effective repairs. Repairs are expensive and should be performed as soon as possible. If you are concerned about the cost of transducer repairs, consider the benefits of a refurbished ultrasound probe repair. These procedures help you reduce your expenses while maintaining the quality of patient care.
Ensure that the repair is done by a certified organization. This certification ensures that the probe is rebuilt to OEM specifications. Quality is important, as there is a high risk of counterfeit parts under the original casing. The repair organization should be ISO 13485:2016 certified. They should also visit their supplier’s facilities to inspect their processes and quality controls. When it comes to repairing your probe, choose an organization with a history of medical device manufacturing.

Sentinel Imaging

If you’ve recently bought an ultrasound system and have discovered that the probe is broken or in need of repair, you’ll need to know where to repair it. Emergency ultrasound service issues can be costly and disrupt the patient’s normal care. On average, repairs can cost $150 to $345 per hour. You should also consider the cost of replacement parts. Repair costs vary, depending on the type of system you have and the actual issue.
If your ultrasound system is in need of repair, you can take advantage of the comprehensive service provided by Sentinel Imaging. They provide state-of-the-art repair for ultrasound transducers and probes. The company offers full depot-level and out-of-field service contracts, preventative maintenance inspections, and repair options. All information and services are certified by independent third parties to ensure accuracy.
In addition to the ultrasound probe, other parts of the Sentinel Imaging system are often susceptible to damage. The cable attachment and the transducer connector are two areas prone to damage. When the cable is damaged, it can cause a drop-out or an entire loss of ultrasound image quality. This is why regular maintenance is vital for preventing this issue. In addition, failure to repair the cables can cause cross-contamination.
Damage to the crystals in an ultrasound probe can occur due to wear and tear, a drop-out, or hitting a transducer against a foreign object. When the crystals become weak or damaged, they cannot send out signals and images are impacted. This results in dropouts, which are typically black lines. While these dropouts do not affect the diagnostic outcome, it is a good indication of damage to one or more of the elements in the ultrasound probe.


The proper functioning of an ultrasound probe is crucial for accurate diagnosis, but a faulty probe can cause image dropouts. The following guide will help you identify common problems and defects with ultrasound probes. You can repair a defective probe yourself or seek the services of an ultrasound probe repair specialist. The costs for ultrasound probe repair are usually much less than the cost of a new transducer. It is important to have regular Probe Management strategies in place to avoid problems with your probe.
If you’re experiencing ultrasound probe trouble, there’s no need to panic. If you’re not sure where to turn, GE Healthcare is a one-stop shop for repair and diagnostics. They offer fast and reliable service to their customers, as well as live training sessions. And with a variety of convenient repair options, GE Healthcare will take care of your ultrasound equipment. No matter which brand you have, they’ll have the right repair service for you.
In case you’re using a 3D/4D volume ultrasound probe, a faulty ultrasound probe can cause problems during imaging. This is caused by probe leakage, or a mechanical failure. This problem is usually cheaper to repair than to replace the probe. If the problem is more extensive, however, it may require a replacement motor. The cost will vary according to the type of volume ultrasound probe. Fortunately, the majority of the repair options for 3D/4D ultrasound probes are affordable and convenient.
The most cost-effective and fastest solution for your diagnostic imaging equipment is to get it repaired. Ultrasound machines are high-profit-producing tools in any setting. Having local biomedical support for your ultrasound equipment is important for minimizing the impact of ultrasound probe downtime. With Agiliti, you can receive a variety of services from software updates to general maintenance of the equipment. They offer both time and materials-based services and flat rates for repairs.

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