Where Can I Buy a Compatible Philips Affiniti 30 Probe?

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Where can I buy a compatible philips Affiniti 30 probe? These medical probes are designed for many applications, including abdominal, fetal echo, and vascular imaging. They are also designed for pediatric general imaging and musculoskeletal imaging. You can find refurbished philips Affiniti 30 probes, xMatrix transducer technology, and GlassVue technology.

refurbished philips Affiniti 30 probes

Whether you are looking for a used or refurbished Affiniti 30 ultrasound probe, a refurbished machine is an excellent option. This ultrasound machine is extremely durable and maintains its value well. Its features include QLAB onboard quantification, sonoCT, TAC, Smart TGC, and iSCAN. Moreover, it can save you from the risk of losing vital patient information. The machine stores all patient information on a separate hard drive, providing both security and fast data recovery.
A Philips Affiniti 30 is a mid-range ultrasound machine that shares its architecture with the Affiniti 50 and 70 models. The machine comes with a 21.5-inch high-resolution LCD monitor and a 12″ touch-screen display. It also comes with four active transducer ports. It has the same fundamental technologies as the Affinit 50, and it is capable of using up to ten sets of transducers.
The Affiniti 50 ultrasonic system supports four advanced single-crystal PureWave transducers. These include a 1 – 5 MHz convex probe, a 2 – 9 MHz pediatric probe, and a 3 – 10 MHz endovaginal probe. In addition, the Philips Affiniti 70 supports a 2 – 7 MHz linear probe, which is a powerful and affordable option. The S4-2 sector probe is often used for cardiac scanning.
Compared to other ultrasound machines, the Affiniti 50 is the midrange shared-service machine. It is a refurbished version of the premium Epiq 7. It shares many of the same features, including QLAB onboard quantification. It offers all the features of the Affiniti 70, but is priced slightly less. However, if you are a medical professional who is not yet comfortable with the Affiniti 70, you should consider the Affiniti 50 instead.

DigiDop vascular probes

The Digital Optimized Processing (DOP) technology of the DigiDop vascular probe offers unrivaled sound quality and sensitivity. Newman Medical also measures the signal quality to ensure optimal performance. The signal quality is up to six times better than the signal quality of other dopplers. The DD-701 provides superior sound quality and a backlit display. The probe also comes with digital signal clarity and is a rechargeable device.
The DigiDop vascular and obstetrical ultrasound probes are made in the USA with the highest quality components. Each probe is tested to meet stringent quality and durability requirements and comes with a 5-year warranty. The DigiDop 2 MHz Obstetrical and Vascular Probes have optimized ultrasound beams for deep penetration. Both the DigiDop Obstetrical and Vascular probes feature a large ultrasound beam and are optimized for water applications.
The DigiDop Affiniti 30 is compatible with many other brands of vascular ultrasound probes. The Affiniti 30 is compatible with the HD9 and HD3. The HD9 and HD3 were similar but looked very different. The HD9 and HD3 used the same probes, and were very similar. These models also shared the same interface, but were manufactured by different manufacturers.
The Affiniti 30 ultrasound machine is a mid-range multi-purpose ultrasound machine. It shares its architecture with the Affiniti 50 and 70. It features a 21.5?? LCD monitor with a 12.0″ touch screen. It also includes four active transducer ports and shares fundamental technologies with the Affiniti 50. In fact, it can use up to 10 sets of transducers.

xMatrix transducer technology

The xMatrix transducer is a breakthrough innovation by Philips. Its advanced transducer technology provides clear images and helps physicians diagnose issues more accurately. Using this technology, exams become faster and more convenient. Here’s how this technology works. It’s compatible with the Affiniti 30 probe and offers a host of additional benefits.
This system features an array of transducers, including an advanced XRES, which processes second harmonic frequencies in tissue. It offers exceptional detail resolution during harmonic imaging, which supports a variety of industry and accreditation guidelines. Featuring a wide range of features, the xMatrix probe can deliver the best imaging in any setting. Whether you’re a cardiology, OB/GYN, or general imaging, the CX50 is a top-tier portable ultrasound. It’s compact, ergonomic, and lightweight.
The xMatrix transducer has the lowest noise levels in the market, which is ideal for sensitive imaging. However, it’s important to note that it may not be compatible with all Philips Affiniti 30 probe models. The transducer covers can become compromised and biohazardous during intraoperative application. To minimize the risk of infection, use the xMatrix transducer technology.
The xMatrix transducer uses multiple layers of silicon for the most precise image gradations. With xMatrix transducer technology, you can improve the imaging quality of your Affiniti 30 probe without changing the probe. In addition, the system is energy-efficient, and features a modular design that facilitates quick repair.
The Affiniti 50 is a midrange shared service ultrasound machine developed from the high-end Epiq 7. It looks nearly identical to the Affiniti 70 and shares many of the same features. It even includes a QLAB on-board quantification set. The xMatrix 50 shares similar features as the Affiniti 70, but is priced slightly lower than the latter. For cardiologists, the Affiniti 70 is an excellent choice.

GlassVue feature

Developed in conjunction with medical imaging company Philips, the Affiniti ultrasound offers a unique combination of features, including the trueVue technology that produces a realistic image of the fetus. In addition, the GlassVue feature provides images of the fetus’s bones and organs. The GlassVue feature is compatible with the Affiniti 30 probe.
The Affiniti 30 Ultrasound Machine is designed to meet the needs of everyday clinical scanning. It features quality imaging innovations and proven clinical applications that help you achieve better results. Its advanced features include precision beam forming and Tissue Specific Presets. It also offers exceptional 3D surface rendering and is ideal for confined spaces. The machine also has a modular design that enables rapid repair and remote services monitoring, which makes it highly compatible with Philips probes.

B-line quantification tools

SmartExam Protocols allow the user to create any sequence of MRI scans, making it easy to select the sequence that meets the specific needs of the user. The software is fully customizable, supporting any sequence from the standard B-line protocol to a custom, one-step GI analysis. SmartExam Protocols also allow the user to set specific parameters for every scan, including the sequence to be performed on each patient.
The Affiniti 30 is a midrange multipurpose ultrasound machine. The Philips Affiniti 30 shares its architecture with the Affiniti 50 and 70. Its display features a 21.5-inch high-resolution LCD monitor, a large 12.0-inch touch-screen, and four transducer ports. This ultrasound machine also includes the same basic technologies found in the Philips Affiniti 50 and 70 models. It can accommodate up to 10 sets of transducers and has a wide-range of features.

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