Where Can I Buy Compatible Philips CX30 Probes?

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Where Can I Buy a Replacement Probe for the Philips CX30 Ultrasound System? The CX30 is a midrange ultrasound system, not as advanced as the CX50, but still a solid unit. This unit is built with popular Philips imaging technologies, including SonoCT, Advanced XRES, trapezoidal imaging, Live Compare, and more. To get the most out of your CX30 Ultrasound System, here are a few tips:

X5-1 probe

Unlike other transducers, Philips’ X5-1 uses a patented 2D matrix array transducer, which uses PureWave crystal technology to provide excellent image quality. Designed for pediatric and adult cardiac applications, it is also suitable for vascular, abdominal, and TCD imaging. The X5-1 can be purchased refurbished through Avante Health Solutions. To find out if this probe is compatible with your Philips CX30, please contact a customer service representative at this website.
X5-1 ultrasound transducers are compatible with Philips’ iU22, HD11 XE, and HD7 ultrasound systems. These probes deliver high-quality images, and are compact and lightweight. To find the right probe for your practice, select your ultrasound system and clinical segment, or choose an ultrasound transducer by type, to narrow down your search. If you’re looking for a replacement transducer for your Philips CX30, you can select it by brand and model number.
For standard programming, you can use a PC connected to the EZ139 CENTRAL UNIT CU through a serial data cable. You’ll need an installation disk to get started. If your PC doesn’t have an installation disk, use the DOS command xcopy to copy the installation program to your hard drive. If you don’t have a CD-ROM, you can store the installation program using the xrgscope command, or you can even print the contents of the screen to your PC.

IU22 probe

Philips iU22 ultrasound probe is a multiplanar tomography (MRA) system that allows quantitative measurements of tissue stiffness. This probe is equipped with a C5-1 optimized for liver Shear Wave elastography. This device uses special ultrasound push pulses to generate detection pulses and calculate shear wave velocities. The IU22 is equipped with an onboard quantification program, QLAB, for data analysis. It also comes with 3DQ and FHN plugins for measuring superficial vessels.
Unlike most similar devices, Philips iU22 is compatible with all brands of ultrasound transducers. The iU22’s PureWave Crystal technology offers superior acoustic efficiency and high bandwidth. This probe also offers xMatrix technology, a two-dimensional element array, which improves image quality and helps create more accurate 4D images without using a mechanical scan head.
Philips ultrasound transducers are designed to guide healthcare professionals in various clinical settings. This includes both inside and outside of the hospital setting. Moreover, the compact and lightweight design makes them ideal for emergency situations or mobile settings. These devices can acquire high-quality images quickly and provide a range of imaging options, including abdominal vascular, renal, obstetric, and fetal echo. And, as with any Philips ultrasound system, it is compatible with IU22 and IE33 ultrasound systems.


If you are planning to purchase a refurbished X5 compatible philips cX30 probe, there are several things to consider. The price of this probe is often the most important factor in deciding whether or not to purchase it. It is essential to note that the price may not be the same as the retail price. The list below is provided for information purposes only and may not reflect all features. For accurate pricing, please contact the manufacturer.
The Philips CX30 portable ultrasound machine is an excellent mid-range portable ultrasound system. It has an advanced software set and has many of the top imaging technologies. This machine is capable of imaging abdominal, small parts, cardiac, musculoskeletal, and stress echo applications. It also comes with a variety of ultrasound transducers, allowing you to choose which one best suits your needs.
The X5 compatible philips c-Cart ultrasound probe is one of the most popular models for a variety of uses. Its curved body allows you to steer the probe easily, and its xMatrix transducer technology ensures more precise images and thorough resolution of issues. This makes it easy to perform exams. Its lightweight design and easy to use features also make it easy for a clinician to use in various medical settings.


The X5-1 compatible Philips CX30 ultrasound probe is designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and provide quality images, even outside the hospital. This lightweight, portable probe is a perfect choice for physicians who need quick access to high-resolution images. Choose from a variety of Philips transducers to match your specific ultrasound system and imaging application. Find out more about this ultrasound probe and its features below.
The Philips X5-1 is an array transducer that uses the PureWave crystal technology. The X5-1 offers multiple features for various cardiac applications, including adult/pediatric cardiac, vascular, and TCD. Philips offers refurbished X5-1 ultrasound probes to help improve your workflow. If you’re looking to save money on a Philips CX30 probe, consider a compatible X5-1 transducer.

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