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There are a lot of advantages of using a Philips Sparq esophageal ultrasound probe. These benefits include: a compact connector, One-touch solution, and PureWave technology. But before you go out and purchase a new probe, it is important to consider these pros and cons. Read on to learn more. Listed below are some of the top pros and cons of the Philips Sparq esophageal ultrasound probe.

PureWave technology

The Philips Sparq ultrasound scanner is a compact device intended for point-of-care use, making it easy to transport and use. The Sparq’s user interface is the first step away from traditional ultrasound user interfaces, with a touch-panel and phased array. The Sparq ultrasound scanner also includes a PureWave TEE transesophageal probe and an endocavitary transducer.
PureWave technology increases the bandwidth, resolution, and frequency coverage. Its unique crystal arrangement allows it to transfer energy with up to 85% higher precision. The new probes are lightweight, which reduces strain on the sonographer. They also feature improved noise reduction. If you’re planning to upgrade your probe, consider Philips PureWave technology. You can also benefit from a long warranty for compatible Philips Sparq probes.
The PureWave ultrasound probe also has improved penetration and offers 85% more efficiency than conventional piezoelectric materials. It offers improved resolution and increased depth of penetration for technically challenging patients. This technology can even image large patients, thanks to the PureWave xMATRIX transducer. You can now expect better imaging and safety for your patients. Just make sure to read all the information about compatible Philips Sparq probes.
You can also upgrade the software on a Philips ultrasound machine with this innovative technology. It allows for quality ultrasound imaging on compatible Android smart devices. Just install the free app and connect the transducer with your smartphone. It’s as simple as that. It also requires an internet connection. And it’s safe and fast, thanks to the iSSL technology. It’s compatible with any brand of smartphone, including iPhones, Android smart phones, and even iPads.
In addition to its superior image quality, the Sparq ultrasound machine is user-friendly and efficient, and its new dynamic interface removes the need for knobs and buttons. Its 17″ High Resolution LCD monitor provides a clear view of the images and makes it easy to operate. The Sparq ultrasound machine also offers an array of advanced diagnostic capabilities, including SmartExam, SonoCT, and XRES adaptive imaging technology.

Compact connector

A compact connector is required to connect your ultrasound machine with a compatible Philips Sparq probe. Philips offers two different models of probes for its PureWave ultrasound technology. The Philips L12-4 is a high-quality linear probe with a frequency range of 4-12 MHz and a 34mm field of view. The Sparq is compatible with Philips’ Sparq ultrasound machine.
The Philips Sparq ultrasound system offers exceptional imaging and powerful technology that streamlines workflow and increases efficiency. Available as refurbished models and new, the Sparq offers advanced features such as 3D/4D imaging, Dual Imaging, Color Power Doppler, and Directional Tissue Imaging. The Sparq also incorporates advanced imaging technologies including PureWave crystal technology and Advanced XRES adaptive image processing, allowing for enhanced sensitivity, clarity, and efficiency.

One-touch solution

The Philips Sparq ultrasound system delivers a new experience in ultrasound imaging, combining ergonomic design with user-friendly controls. The system’s Simplicity Mode helps streamline procedures with a minimal number of controls. Its easy-to-use interface, large 17-inch touchscreen, and ergonomic design make the Sparq the perfect portable ultrasound for point-of-care and operating rooms. The Sparq is available in a wide range of clinical settings, and features a phased-array and PureWave TEE transesophageal probe.
The Philips Sparq is a midrange ultrasound machine that outperforms all competitors in emergency patient care diagnostics. The system incorporates top imaging technologies, such as triplex mode, needle enhancement, and spatial compounding, to provide high-quality images with a minimal amount of effort. The machine’s user-friendly design also makes it easier for radiologist to operate the machine.
The Philips Sparq ultrasound system also offers advanced security features. With five layers of security, the system uses a firewall, operating system hardening, malware protection, access controls, and encrypted patient data. The company’s PureWave technology delivers improved diagnostic confidence in the field of ultrasound imaging, enabling clinicians to scan with greater confidence. Available in three Sparq transducers, PureWave provides high-quality ultrasound imaging without sacrificing ease-of-use.
The Sparq features an easy-to-use control panel with tempered glass. It also allows users to connect up to three imaging transducers simultaneously, enabling the clinician to switch between different imaging modes in mid-exam. The Sparq’s battery operation and instant on feature allow users to perform multiple exams without having to shut down their system. The Sparq also offers Needle Visualization to enhance needle presentation.

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